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Growth Marketing Strategy Workshops

Strategy Hackers (Troy Sandidge)
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Need To Grow Your Business?

Want To Go From 4 To 5 To 6 Or Even 7+ Figures? 

Get the on-demand growth strategies you need for an affordable price!

The Strategy Hackers' Growth Marketing Strategy Workshops are designed to:

  • answer your strategy and marketing questions
  • give you growth, marketing, and business frameworks to scale up
  • analyze problems, brainstorm solutions
  • hold you accountable, inspire you, motivate you, and challenge you
  • connect you to a community of eager entrepreneurs, SMBs, creators, and business leaders who are all trying to reach next level of growth just like you


Does Your Business Struggle With Any Of The Following?

  • Not enough leads, exposure, or sales happening for your business.
  • Sales or marketing tactics are ineffective at driving demand.
  • Hit a slump in your business growth.
  • Don't have or can't afford a marketing team to help you grow your business.
  • Struggling with sales funnels, marketing systems, and community building.
  • Not enough money to invest in support, software, or self-development.
  • You don't know how to position yourself on social media.


Does Your Business Need Any Of These Things?

  • A Strategic Playbook or Business Plan
  • Better Marketing & Sales Tactics
  • A Strategic Advisor For Scalability & Sustainability 
  • Organic Growth Marketing Strategies
  • Clarity In Messaging & Frameworks
  • Money, Money, & More Money
  • Business Optimization To Create The Life You Want

Then you have come to the right place and should subscribe today!


By Subscribing, Your Strategy Hackers Academy Membership will Include:

  • Access to Private Clubhouse Rooms
  • Priority On-Demand Strategy Support
  • Learn the Basic to Our 10-Point Strategy System to 7+ Figures
  • Group Strategy Sessions
  • Hacks to Strategize Up Your Business
  • Group Q&A and Office Hours
  • Marketing, Sales, Branding, & Website Assessments
  • Exclusive Deals & Resources
  • Access to DM A Strategist Portal
  • 1:1 Time with The Strategy Hacker™

The workshops will typically be done on Clubhouse but may also include Zoom and Virtual Summit opportunities during certain months or as the group's needs arise.


Key Information Once You Subscribe:

Once you pay for the workshop, it's encouraged to do these four things below as it will be a foundation to your workshop experience:

The value of this workshop subscription is 5x as much as the current price since Troy's usual 1:1 pricing starts at $2,500, and so this is a great low entry opportunity for those who want someone in their corner to help them grow their business while not breaking the bank. The current price point and number of seats available will not stay this price forever, so get in early while you can so we can take your business to the next level!


About Troy:

Troy Sandidge is an internationally recognized and award-winning B2B growth marketing strategist. Named a Top 100 marketing leader, he has over a decade of experience strategizing entrepreneurs, small-medium businesses, startups, enterprises, and Fortune 1000 scale-up in the global marketing place. He helps B2Bs achieve eight-plus figure growth via his strategy and marketing tactics. Troy has generated over $100M in sales via effective strategy and efficient marketing tactics.

Recognized as a leading provider of marketing solutions by the New York Weekly, Troy’s work has been featured in Business Insider, ABC, Chicago Tribune, NBC, Yahoo News, Atlanta Wire, HuffPost, among others.

Troy is the Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Strategy Hackers, author of Strategize Up, host of the acclaimed podcast, iDigress, and an international speaker. You can find him living on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse.

You can learn more about Troy and his strategy solutions at GrowWithTroy.com.


The strategy solutions and support are effective and intended to give you a blueprint to grow your business. With that being said, there is no magic pill to success, and you get out what you put in. There are no guarantees, just hard work, optimization, and execution.

Payment Terms:

The payment for this workshop subscription is billed in advance and is non-refundable (unless deemed worthy by the provider). Payment is taken out automatically each month for active members. You can cancel your subscription at any time and will still have access to workshops within that active month. If you're unable to attend a workshop session, that is not a cause for a partial refund or extra time to compensate. It will be at the discretion of the workshop instructor to offer more opportunities within the active month as the workshop instructor sees fit.

  • Weekly Strategy Workshop Sessions Customized To Help You Conquer Your Business Pain Points In Order For You To Reach

  • Weekly Strategy Workshop Sessions Customized To Help You Conquer Your Business Pain Points In Order For You To Reach
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Growth Marketing Strategy Workshops

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